Voluntary Blood Donors’ Society gets new leadership


Kathmandu, May 2(RSS): The third national general tradition of Nepal Voluntary Blood Donors’ Society has chosen a 13-part new official board under the administration of Prem Sagar Karmacharya. The race was unopposed. Dhruba Thapaliya (bad habit seat), Radha Krishna Tandukar (general secretary), Rajan Maharjan (secretary), Meena Shrestha (treasurer) and Krishna Chauhan Chhetri, Reshma Rokka, Bheem BK, Shiba Kumar Saha, Gunna Kumar Gupta, Tanka Pariyar, Shyam Gautam and Tirthram Awasthi (individuals) are on the board of trustees.

Society recently chose seat Karmacharya has swore to add to the endeavors implied for systematizing the blood transfusion works specifically connected with human life. He requested the state guarantee free blood supply for destitute patients. The general public has its systems in 23 regions and it intends to grow its quality across the nation. The two-day general tradition was finished up May 1.


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